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        • Exceptional in-home boarding for dogs under 30 pounds.
        • Private -- Calm & Quiet -- Unique


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Photo Credits

      • Almost all of the great photos used in this website were provided by Dick Bruner, professional photographer extraordinaire and my good friend for over two decades. Dick is known around the country for his terrific action shots capturing herding dogs working, agility dogs flying, and draft horses pulling their loads at events far and wide. Dick has my sincere gratitude for helping me make this website a place where you can see real people and their dogs captured in real situations doing something they truly love.

Thanks Dick!

You can see more of Dick's work at:

      • I'd also like to thank Angel Duffy for the great pictures of Dorothy Schmidt and her BC Ellie (2nd & 3rd photos, this page, along with the 1st photo in the Trials page)

      • A big thank you to Melissa Haney for the portrait shots of Makita and Flapjack on the Wolfe Pack page.
      • A new thank you to Carol Kubicz for the outstanding portraits of Grit and Ice

Reference - He Just Wants To Say "Hi"

This explains the difference between an agressive response and an appropriate response to another dog's advance.

Article by internationally recognized dog trainer and behaviorist Suzanne Clothier. It explains how your dog responds to rudeness from other dogs. Is his reaction aggressive? Or is it appropriate?

He Just Wants To Say Hi.pdf

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