Lessons are conducted YEAR-ROUND every:

      • TUESDAY
      • THURSDAY
      • SATURDAY

All Lessons are by Appointment Only


If you'd like to simply come and watch, email Shannon to find out when lessons are scheduled.

Lessons are the cornerstone of activities at Magic's Legacy

Training is on a one-to-one basis, and all levels of experience are welcome to come and work. Most people who want to make consistent progress book a lesson at least once a week.

While I only work with one dog at a time, you are always welcome to come early and stay late. You can learn a lot by watching others work their dogs on stock. You’ll find everyone very helpful whenever you have questions.

The First Lesson

Your first lessons will be in the smaller arena with experienced sheep who are used to beginner dogs. Even so, your dog will get quite a workout as you begin to experience the basics of herding.

          • The livestock watch and react to every move your dog makes.
          • Sometimes this all happens very fast. :)

Your first lessons will be short. Your dog will be very excited and -- in his mind -- he'll be working very hard and will tire quickly.

          • It is IMPORTANT to end the lessons before your dog gets too tired. We want him feeling very eager to return and try it again!

How lessons continue

Typically, I start the dog in the arena the first few times on sheep if the handler has never done this before. I will explain to you what I am doing and why.

          • I may ask you to join me in the arena if your dog needs your presence to help his confidence. As your dog becomes more comfortable, learning begins.
          • You and I will start moving together and in doing so you will start to get a feel for what herding is all about.

At some point you'll make a decision on whether you want to start working your dog yourself in lessons, or if you'd rather have me work your dog. We have programs for both.

          • Owner/handlers can learn with their dogs to herd sheep, goats and ducks. This can be just for fun and stimulating exercise -- or it can be with the goal of competing in herding trials.
          • Other folks just want to watch me work their dog and see that dog get a chance to do what he was born to do -- herd livestock and have one heck of a good time doing it!

You are welcome here!

You're always welcome to come out and watch other people take lessons. We ask that you email Shannon to find out what hours people will be working dogs at the farm. Or you can make an appointment for yourself, come early, stay late, watch others and have fun!

Whether you come to just have fun with your dog (as long as the sheep are having fun too), or you're planning to reach specific goals with your dog, you are always welcome. If you enjoy working with your dog as a team, you may find yourself interested in competing.

          • Check out the options under Trials

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