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Ashley & Springsteen

About: Lessons

I just wanted to thank you so so much for having us to your wonderful place today. I just had such a wonderful feeling being there - I would even describe it as healing and therapeutic. I get so nervous handing my dog over to other people. I just know how spooked and anxious he can be, and I just felt so safe handing him over to you. I have never seen my dog more calm in a situation like that. I truly believe you are giving dogs their best life, and I so deeply respect and honor the way you can communicate with dogs. It definitely gives me something to strive towards. There is absolutely nothing I want more than for Springsteen to be comfortable in his own skin and in different situations. Thank you so much for offering to let us just come and socialize, it is an offer I will most definitely be taking up. I love how the atmosphere is just big, open, natural, no stupid shock collars, and full of love and excitement. I will be keeping my eyes open for a border collie as well. I want to learn to be how you are with dogs, I just think it's the most natural and freeing thing. Thanks again, and I'll be in touch again soon!

Benigne & Olek

About: Lessons

Over the many miles [driving home], I reflected on what and how much I had learned in the two sessions we had with you. Part of me resented the many times Olek and I had spent 7 years with so-called trainers who did not help us develop the full skills necessary for Olek to properly interact with sheep and for me to work with him toward that special satisfaction of "a job well done"............but then I realized that the poor training enabled me to put pieces together differently as you worked with me and Olek yesterday and today, so the crappy years in a silly way were beneficial for yesterday and today.............however, life would have been very different if I had lived closer to you. So, now my challenge is to soak in as much time and learning from you before having to leave Michigan.

Thank you for a wonderful time!!

Melody with Emmett & Gus

About: Lessons

I don't know if you remember my husband, Steve, and me but we had a couple of Border Collie puppies that we brought to you for basic training around 1997. Their names were Indy & Wyatt. They have since passed away & we now have another Border Collie, who is 13 1/2 months old. His name is Emmett. And, we have an English Bull Terrier puppy, who is 12 months old, and his name is Gus.

You made a world of difference in how our previous dogs behaved and we trust how you train dogs (& their owners). We really enjoyed the individual training with you. Steve & I were wondering if you still did any basic training or would consider doing some basic training? We really would like to take our dogs to someone who knows what they are doing. We have worked with them on some of the things that you taught us with our other dogs. But, there are some things that they just are not getting. And, then there are other behaviors that these dogs have that we are not sure how to correct or control. They are good dogs and we would like them to be better.

Meleah, Alaska trial competitor

About: Judging AKC & ASCA Trials in Alaska

I hope your trip home is smooth and you are able to get some sleep on the plane. Thank you so much for stepping in and helping out with the trials today, and of course judging and the great lessons you gave everyone. You certainly made the trials a lot more enjoyable. You are awesome!!!!

Heather & Timber

About: Herding Instinct Test

Wanted to thank you for a wonderful day introducing Timber to herding. He is still a tired German Shepherd but loved the new experience, he told me, he talks. My husband, Bill, and I both enjoyed the beautiful outdoors and seeing the magnificent herding dogs at work. Good luck with your business, what a unique concept!

Sally & Chanook

About: Herding Instinct Test

I just want to take the time to tell you we had a FANTASTIC TIME at this event yesterday. You certainly have a WELL RUN PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM. You covered everything well and did not miss a heart beat of knowing every step of every dog every minute. It’s like you reading their minds. You are an artist at what you do. Not only do you show the handlers it is not that easy, but you allow them to try it themselves which gives the working dog its position…far beyond what we can do as humans. It’s a ballet to watch. It is also amazing to watch the different dogs and how some take to it and how some don’t. You have that covered well too, so that you don’t waste your time and theirs if its not a fit.

Again I wish you all the best in your future ventures; nobody deserves it more than you. Thanks for the opportunity to walk into your world for a brief minute.

Charlene with Ulu & Gamine

About: "What Should I Be Doing While My Dog is Herding" Clinic

Thank you for the great training today! It'll be a whole different matter when there are real sheep and a real dog, but today's class was perfect for getting the principles across. For all the herding training I did with Ulu and Gamine, I never understood the principles of body language and space. Ulu and Gamine apparently herded despite me, more than with me. Thank goodness they were both very forgiving. Thank you for offering that training!

Karen & Willow

About: Herding Instinct Test

We wanted to let you know that we had SUCH A GREAT TIME yesterday!! Rick took a little video of Willow. She looked kind of funny with her tail in the air behind the sheep like, "Ok, now we are trotting in a circle. Ok, now we are runnining in a circle. Oh boy, I like these things but I have to slow down or I will catch up to them." She's such a goofball. Willow was SO TIRED on the way home and last night. Thank you for having the HIT and the extra time you spent with us afterward. We really appreciated it!! We are discussing lessons and distance. Hopefully we will see you again!


About: A spectator sent us her Facebook posting

We finally stopped at the training farm just west of Genoa which gives herding lessons for border collies... this dog worked the ducks – very cool!!

Some of these pictures (attached to the email) are not great but show the sequence of how the dog & trainer work together, the trainer with her whistle.

The ducks went where they were supposed to go... it was very interesting.

Afterwards the dog cooled off in a small wading pool and then came over to say hello to us!! Very friendly dogs. When one worked inside the pen, the other dogs outside the fence really wanted to be inside... the trainer was very

friendly... It was like watching a 1960’s era Walt Disney documentary... and it was free!!! Thank you Shannon!!

Jana with Tess & Mesa

About: Lessons and Cattle Clinic

I had a fantastic weekend! Thank you so much for your help with my dogs. I really like working your sheep! The cattle clinic was AWESOME...even though Tess was so out of it. What a beautiful facility and nice calves. I would really like to do ASCA cattle classes with Mesa.

Dr. Jodie & Jetson

About: Herding Instinct Test

Thank you so much for what you do! The experience that Jetson and I had was much appreciated. I am interested in bringing Jetson once per week to have some fun.

I like to be consistent, but my [veterinary] practice often gets in the way of my own dogs attention, as I always put my patients first. I loved what you said about being the dog's champion ahead of the guardian's feelings. I feel that way too.

I grew up with dairy goats so I enjoy being with the sheep and on the farm.

I thought about getting Jetson involved with agility, but the training process involves giving a lot of treats. I like the idea of dogs herding sheep just because they want to! That IS their reward! Thank you!

The Animal Doctor

Laura & Jim with Talley

About: Basic Training

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us w/Tallie!

We love her so much & she is the perfect fit for us. She's learning frisbee very quickly. Things are going well introducing other dogs& people. We are so lucky to have you as our good friend .

Gina & Cheryl with Lulu

About: "What Should I Be Doing While My Dog is Herding" Clinic

The seminar Saturday was amazing. You did a great job of explaining and illustrating what we need to be doing. It blends seamlessly with the liberty work and riding that I've done with the horses. I will now have to learn to read and react to LuLu and the livestock. I can't tell you how excited Cheryl and I are. Thanks!

Dr. Dawn

About: AKC Trial

I want to thank you for all the great stock and set outs and especially all your help.

Barb & Darly

About: Herding Instinct Test

Thank you so much for the wonderful clinic and testing

today. We left before you were done and I wanted to make sure you knew how much we all enjoyed it.

I am very interested in lessons for Darly, my Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

She did well today and I think would enjoy more. When you are recovered from your weekend of testing, could you please send me pricing info as well as scheduling info for lessons?

Thank you again, you provided a fun and interesting day.

Karen & Sawyer

About: Lessons

Just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done to help Sawyer and I. I owe Sawyer's life to you, and my feet will be warm and dry thanks to you. If I can ever do anything to help you out, no matter how big or small.....please don't hesitate to ask

Thanks again for everything!!!!!!

Chris & Jack

About: Basic Training

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your letting us come up and learn some social skills, and your giving me your time and advice. Everything you told me works...when I'm consistent!!! Thanks!

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