Magic's Legacy hosts periodic seminars and clinics featuring top trainers from around the country.

      • See the COMING EVENTS page for the next scheduled learning opportunities.
      • We also present our own clinics several times a year.

CLINIC: What Should I Be Doing While My Dog Is Herding?

Instructor: Shannon Wolfe

Level: Beginners

When you're new to herding you'll have a lot of questions:

      • Are you confused when you go into the arena with your dog?
      • What are we trying to accomplish?
      • What is "balance", anyway?
      • Hey, my dog just did something. Was that right????

When we work your dog in lessons there is a lot of information flying around at the same time your dog is flying around the stock. This clinic gives you a unique chance to work on herding skills without your dog.

Every year we have several of these clinics so that we can “freeze-frame” different situations.

      • We'll show you what you should be trying to achieve,
      • Show you different techniques to get those results, and
      • Give you some perspective on what the dog is trying to do and whether he's helping you or working against you.

This is a clinic for handlers only -- no dogs -- so you'll be able to concentrate fully while we explain terms, show you the moves and counter-moves, and answer questions.

      • There will be demonstrations and actual “hands on” field work. You will be working with live sheep and ducks yourself so you can actually see and feel the effects of the actions made by you. In doing so you'll begin to learn how livestock will react to your dog.

You can attend this clinic once, or multiple times, to help you absorb more information in a controlled environment.

      • The number of students for each clinic is limited so you'll have ample opportunity to participate. This is NOT a sit-in-a-chair-all-day clinic -- this is a doing-feeling-and-experimenting clinic.

For more information and/or to register for the next scheduled clinic, please see the COMING EVENTS page.

CLINIC: Driving Skills

Instructor: Shannon Wolfe

Level: Advanced-Beginngers & Intermediate

It's not all about gathering the livestock to you. Sooner or later you'll want to have your dog drive the stock away from you in the direction you'd like them to go.

Q - How the heck do I do that?

A - Driving.

Learn how to to make the shift from gathering to driving one step at a time. Driving requires a different skill set and you and your dog will learn how to do this together. Calmly and confidently. It just takes practice.

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