What Do I Need to Bring?

Herding is an outdoor activity working with livestock in farm corrals, arenas & fields.


      • Dress for the weather
          • Herding is a year-round activity
      • Wear washable clothes and shoes
          • You might get dirty
          • Jeans will protect your legs
          • Sturdy shoes/boots will protect your feet
      • Dress in layers
          • Herding requires some moving around, especially when you're learning. Even if it's chilly you might heat up quickly.

Water & Snacks

      • There are no vending machines on the farm, so bring your own water, beverages, and snacks, if desired.
      • There is fast food available in nearby Genoa City & Richmond.

Gear for your Dog

      • A buckle-collar. (No choke chains or prong collars)
      • A 6-foot leash for walking around the farm.
          • Keep your dog on leash.
          • We'll use a farm-leash when you're working.
      • Extended Flexi-type leashes are not allowed on the farm.

Safety for your Dog

      • Drinking water for your dog is available at the farm.
      • Tubs of water for your dog to jump into to cool off are always available.
      • All dogs must be on leash or crated except when working.
      • PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS. There are poop-scoopers conveniently located around the farm along with trash bags to dispose of it in.
      • All dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies as required by law, vaccinated for other communicable diseases as recommended by your vet, and parasite free.