Welcome to Magic's Legacy!

I'm Shannon Wolfe and I love what I do here.  Let me share it with you...

I teach students of all levels to work with their dogs to herd livestock for sport, working farms, and just for the plain fun of it.

Herding is the what we do here and I have people from all walks of life come to the farm to work with their dogs on sheep, goats and ducks. They come for the herding... and most end up taking part in the camaraderie of like-minded folks who want to do something totally special with their canine best friend and do it in the fresh air and great outdoors of the rural Wisconsin countryside.

Shannon with Iowa & Brass at City of Chicago's Celtic Fest Sheepherding Demo

Teaching All Levels of Herding

I offer a BEGINNERS PROGRAM designed for people who have no idea what herding is all about but are willing to learn.


A first lesson

Life at the Farm

Life at the farm entails much more than just PRIVATE LESSONS.

Also offered are:

Building a partnership

Magic's Legacy is a Working Farm

I raise my own sheep and ducks specifically to work with dogs in-training.  I take great pride in my flocks and work hard to be a good stockman and shepherd. 

Spectators are always welcome at the farm

You can either watch lessons or see what's going on at any of the instinct test or trials.  You can learn a lot about herding -- and the people who love herding -- by simply stopping by.

It's positively thrilling to see a dog do what he was born to do!

I work with all breeds of herding dogs (and the different mixes of those breeds) to help them reach their own potential.

Dorothy & Ellie

Magic's Legacy is my full-time occupation 

I feel very fortunate to work at something I feel so passionate about.   I've worked with herding dogs professionally since 1990 and have a great love in sharing my experience and that passion with my students.

The working farm of Magic's Legacy

We're located outside Genoa City, WI, near the IL/WI state line.  Folks from all over Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin come regularly for lessons.  Our trials draw competitors from all over the Midwest.

Peggy & Ace

Lynn & Krea

Website Photo Credits 

Almost all of the great photos used in this site were provided by Dick Bruner, professional photographer extraordinaire and my good friend for decades. Dick is known around the country for his terrific action shots capturing herding dogs working, agility dogs flying, and draft horses pulling their loads at events far and wide.  Dick has my sincere gratitude for helping me make this website a place where you can see real people and their dogs captured in real situations doing something they truly love.

Thanks Dick!

You can see more of Dick's work at:


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