Students come from all walks of life

We have CEOs, programmers and custodians. Doctors, lawyers, secretaries and truck drivers. It doesn't matter what your life is "out there". When you come to the farm the glue that binds all of us together is our love for our dogs... and herding!

Herding is a very individualized pursuit. It's a passion for some and just a way to have fun for others. But for all of us it's a very personally rewarding endeavor.

          • It gives us a chance to bond with our dogs in a way that's more powerful than any other dog sport.
          • This is something herding dogs were actually born to do.

The only way dogs can learn to herd is for someone to work with their inherited instinct and shape it into a useful skill -- and in doing so dog and handler develop a true partnership.

          • This takes not only constant communication, but also constant cooperation.

For many dog enthusiasts, herding provides the richest possible bond with their dogs.

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